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Exclusive one-stop wholesale service for online shop

Author : Admin. Date : 2014-7-30 23:03:34

We are very happy to announce that the one stop wholesale market place for online web shop has been start from 1st Auguest 2014,ours  commodities  are covering clothing、shoes、fashion accessories and sold at competitive price .
all order will be shipped out by Safe and fast logistics. 

our service including:

A:Men clothing stock lots series             B:Women Clothes stock series
                              Women clothing stock

C:Kids brand stock  Apparel series         D:New Born Baby stock garment series
Kids brand stock  Apparel series                                    New Born Baby stock garment series

E.Fashion accessories                               F.Lady fashionable shoes 
       (Bags,Jewelry accessories)                                      
(Sandal、Pump、Flat 、  Booties 、 slipper)
                                      Lady fashionable shoes(Sandal、Pump、Flat 、  Booties 、 slipper)
Creat value for your online web shop.Contact us right now for more hot sale

online service

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